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Here at Guess Hookah are always looking to expand our offerings, and we are pleased to announce that we recently acquired a website This portal is one of the biggest databases of all possible kinds of vape modifications. 
 The vape market is a constantly evolving creatures with new innovations coming out every day. Hookah and vape industries are very close together, and nowadays electronic e-hookahs become more and more popular. Actually the e-hookahs are modifications of vapes, and work exactly the same as e-cigs. Some shisha brands like Starbuzz produce their classic shisha flavors in a from of vape juice. Hookah pens are the newest craze in smoking, and they're portable! The "on-the-go world" setting is perfect for this modern spin off of traditional hookahs. You can enjoy your favorite shisha flavors wherever you go with e-hookahs. 

When you want hookah flavors on the go, an electronic hookah is just the thing to get you there. Electronic hookah, also known as electronic shisha or e-hookah, offers you the same quality smoke as your regular hookah but with a futuristic twist."What is an electric hookah? That's a question we hear a lot. Rather than carry around your giant hookah to satisfy your cravings, electronic hookahs offer you a low-key, affordable, convenient option for you to smoke hookah. Instead of using hookah charcoal to heat your hookah, an e-hookah uses a vaporizer that turns your e shisha into delicious vapor clouds. E-shisha, more commonly known as e-liquid, can refill certain models of electronic hookahs with tobacco-free, nicotine-free, and tar-free hookah liquid.

For you data-minded hookah smokers who are always keeping up on the latest trends with your high tech smartphones, you'll love products such as the e-vape hookah bowls. Simply fit one of these electronic hookah bowls on top of your normal hookah to vaporize all your favorite e-liquid and e-juice. And what's more, these hookah bowls have an LED display that you can use to track your hookah sessions and compare info with your friends. It's truly a product for the digital age! Hookahs have been around a long time. Now that technology has caught up to tradition, it was only a matter of time before some truly revolutionary hookahs were invented! Rechargeable e-hookah pens let you refill your pen with all your favorite hookah flavors, while disposable e-hookahs make on-the-go hookah smoking easy wherever you are!Whichever style you choose, an electronic hookah is a true marvel of hookah smoking! We're confident you'll love what e-hookah has to offer.

This merger will help our store to provide more information and products for hookah enthusiasts that are looking for new hookah experience. We hope you are as excited as we do!

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