Adalya ATH Brown Leather Traditional Hookah Hose

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    Adalya ATH Hose is a traditional hookah hose made of genuine goatskin, brass, and ashwood. The hose is 100% handcrafted in Turkey. 

    Made of genuine leather, this hose is not washable and retains odors, so it works best for those who prefer traditional hookahs and want to enjoy a single flavor. (There is also a metal spiral around the hose, so the product should not be washed or brought into contact with water).

    • The hose should be hung up dry after each session. 
    • Because these hoses are handcrafted, minor differences in pattern and length can vary from one to another.
    • Total length - approximately 190 cm. 

    The quality of this hose is outstanding. It's made from the finest leather and ornamented with gold embroidery. The hose has got a brass connector of 14/5 in diameter, so it would fit any other traditional hookah with the same connection type.