AEON x Solaris Nova Hookah Bowl Limited Edition

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    Introducing the AEON x Solaris Nova Hookah Bowl Limited Edition, a remarkable innovation in the world of hookah accessories that truly sets itself apart from the rest. This meticulously crafted masterpiece showcases the elegance of the multi-hole bowl, which has been further refined to provide an unparalleled smoking experience. The dazzling development of the fluorescent outer glaze, displaying a brilliant shade of blue, allows the AEON x Solaris Nova to glow in the dark, creating an enchanting ambience for your nighttime gatherings. To achieve this mesmerizing effect, it is essential to allow the bowl to bask in sunlight before use. The production process of this astonishing accessory is a testimony to its impeccable quality, as it undergoes five distinct steps and is fired in the oven at temperatures exceeding 900 degrees. This exceptional limited-edition hookah bowl effortlessly merges functionality with visual allure, bringing a touch of sophistication and delight to each smoking session.