Alpha Hookah Model X VNDL

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    Color: Azure
    Sale price$250.00


    The Alpha Hookah Model X VNDL stands out from other hookah designs with its exceptional features, such as its rebellious spirit and exquisite gold details. It is available in a variety of unique colors that add to its visual appeal and make it a standout piece.

    What makes the Alpha Hookah Model X VNDL truly exceptional is its stunning packaging. The hookah comes in a beautifully designed box that is equally impressive as the hookah itself.

    Not only does the Alpha Hookah Model X VNDL look great, but it also delivers an exceptional smoking experience. Its precise design ensures every puff is smooth and flavorful, while the highest quality materials used in its construction guarantee its durability and longevity.

    Overall, the Alpha Hookah Model X VNDL is an extraordinary hookah that sets itself apart with its unique design, stunning gold details, and exceptional packaging. If you're looking for a hookah that offers an exceptional smoking experience and is visually impressive, this product is worth considering.


    Material: Polymer/Stainless steel

    Height: 16.5 inches(without base)

    Included Accessories

    • Stem

    • Tray

    • Mouthpiece

    • Grommets

    • Silicone hose

    *Base is not included and sold separately. 

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