Amotion FUTR Hookah

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    Color: Sky
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    Introducing the Amotion FUTR, a medium-sized hookah that strikes the perfect balance between small and large options. Immerse yourself in a blend of modern and futuristic design, as the Amotion FUTR emerges as your go-to hookah for everyday enjoyment and an exquisite designer masterpiece.

    The FUTR offers a multitude of advantages that simplify your decision-making process. Indulge in a smooth and effortless inhalation, complemented by an awe-inspiring draw that will enchant you. Its elegant and sporty design adds a touch of sophistication. The FUTR comes complete with a matching Season 1 mouthpiece, a hose in a coordinated color, and perfectly fitted gaskets, making it a fully mature and ready-to-use hookah right out of the box.

    Moreover, the FUTR features a divisible dive tube, allowing seamless compatibility with both small and large bowls. Bid farewell to the limitations on using your homemade bowls, as the FUTR effortlessly accommodates your preferences and provides a versatile hookah experience.