Amy Stone Hookah Bowl with High Hot Screen

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    Longer smoking time
    Similar to a smokebox, the glowing coal is protected from external influences (e.g. wind). This minimizes heat emission and allows for a longer smoking period. 
    Easy coal replacement

    "Infinite Heat"
    Shisha lovers who like to smoke with lots of coals will get their money's worth with this head. On the fireplace is at least space for 4 coals. By the high edge, as many coals as desired can be added. 
    For the average shisha lover, however, 2-3 coals are already enough for excellent results.
    No spark/ash flight
    Due to the high side walls hardly any ash remains can fall down. You are also protected from flying sparks.
    The interior and your clothes will therefore remain clean and undamaged. 

    Integrated windbreak

    2 years warranty
    The attachment is made of antibacterial, scratch-resistant, and durable stainless steel. The bottom of the High Hot Screen is characterized by high heat resistance and therefore cannot burn through.
    We are convinced of the quality of this attachment and therefore offer you 2 years warranty on the High Hot Screen. 
    The attachment should not be preheated on the coal lighter. Any damage caused by this will invalidate the warranty!