Big Maks King Hookah Bowl

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    Color: Black
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     The uniqueness of this bowl is that its interior is designed in the form of pizza. The slices of this pizza are located at an elevation relative to the molasses channels. This is done so that the molasses flows down the channels, is contained in the bowl, and does not fall into the flask. This development contributes to longer and richer smoking due to the fact that the tobacco does not dry out as quickly as in other bowls.

    You may ask why KING? We will respond with pleasure:

    -the stem of the bowl is made in the form of a crown – this is a complex and reverent work of our ceramists;

    - the diameter of the bowl and its walls are perfectly smooth, the pad stands on the bowl perfectly;

    - the upper rim of the bowl is cleaned from the glaze (the place under the pad), which prevents the pad from slipping;

    -the inner diameter of the bowl leg is always the same and fits perfectly on a standard sealer;

    - the capacity of the bowl depends on the density of the scoring: 18-25 grams;

    - the bowl is packed in a bright designer box;

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