Conceptic Design Carbon Hookah

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    Conceptic Design Carbon is a high-tech designed hookah from the Russian manufacturer. It's very lightweight, reliable, and stylish.


      • The shaft is made of AISI304 stainless steel. Diameter - 0.5 inches.
      • The tray is 8 inches in diameter.
      • The mouthpiece is made of AISI304 stainless steel. Diameter - 0.4 in. Length - 11.8 inches.
      • The hose is made of silicone. Diameter - 0.5 in. Length - 5 ft.
      • Set of grommets to connect shaft to the vase and bowl to the shaft.
      • Removable diffuser.
      • The weight of the shaft is 1.9 lb.
      • Total height, including vase, is 27 inches.

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    Based on 8 reviews
    Shahrukh Mirza

    Received exactly what I ordered, no issues. Everything was packaged well. My main concern was the glass base being shattered when I received it. But everything was well received. Definitely my go to hookah shop from now on. The concept of design hookah is really cool. Very sleek build. The carbon part is somewhat fragile, already had a dent it on it from just washing it and putting it on my dish drying rack. But that was my fault because I placed it down somewhat hard. Amazing hookah none the least

    Jimmy kakavitsas
    Great hookah

    This is the best hookah I ever owned

    Great product

    I bought this hookah for my boyfriend for Christmas. He is very happy with the quality and the design.

    Dimitri Callow

    Conceptic Design Carbon Hookah

    Outstanding Product

    I purchased this Concept Design Hookah in October 2021 and wanted to give it a few months before reviewing.
    I did quite a bit of research before pulling the trigger on this, and even though I had never heard of this brand, I wasn't disappointed. Was looking to upgrade to something stainless steel and that was of high build quality.
    My ultimate pet peeve is having a hookah with any air leaks, particularly where the stem meets the base or where you blow out. This hookah is completely air tight and has stayed that way over 6 months.
    It still looks as good as day one. The metal maintains is luster and the hose is very high quality.
    The hookah has the weight and heft of a superior product. It doesn't appear as if any corners were cut in the manufacturing process.
    I use it with the Kaloud Lotus HMD and silicone head. It has the smoothest draw of any hookah I have used.
    The experience has been superb.