Cyril Hookah Heat Management Device

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    If you're a hookah smoker, then you know how important it is to have a good heat management system. That's why Cyril delivers with their HMD, which is really an HRD (heat reduction device), featuring a fully Stainless Steel single billet piece made especially for those who dislike using the lid off conventional HMDs. This allows for better airflow and heat transfer, so your hookah smoking experience is more enjoyable and flavorsome. You'll never go back to using a traditional heat management system once you've tried Cyril's!

    The one and only fully stainless steel hookah HMD on the market – Cyril Stainless Steel Heat Management Device fits almost all hookah bowls! Sturdy, durable, and effective HMD is a great alternative to aluminum foil. 

    • Your professional shisha tool;
    • Bowl contact diameter – 74 mm;
    • Inner diameter – 56 mm;
    • Depth – 24 mm;