ESS Coal Cage for Kaloud Lotus

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    The ESS Cage for Kaloud Lotus is a new kind of safety device on the hookah market. It differs from all other wind covers and coal cages by being directly attached to Kaloud. It also has a protective cap that keeps coals inside the cage in case you hookah falls. ESS coal cage is made of high-quality stainless steel. The whole construction allows you to grab the cage at the bottom even when you have red-hot coals inside the Kaloud.

    How to install Kaloud inside the ESS cage:
    Step 1. Unscrew the three bolts at the bottom of Kaloud.
    Step 2. Take the top of the Kaloud and insert it into the cage, so it would sit on the hooks that are inside the cage.
    Step 3. Attach the bottom part of Kaloud to the top part and screw both pieces inside the cage with the bolts.