Fumari Blueberry Muffin

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    The blueberry muffin shisha is a very unique flavor offered by Fumari. It is a near-perfect emulation of the delicious taste of sweet blueberry muffins, delivering a blast of the delicious blueberry flavor with every puff, with a vanilla cake aftertaste. The flavor is highly focused on the aspect of blueberries, with a reduced emphasis on the muffin, but both can certainly be noted during a session.

    While the blueberry muffin is a superior flavor in its own right, it does prove to be especially sweet. For those who want to mitigate some of the sweetness, it is recommended that a touch of French Vanilla can be an ideal complement by adding a creamy texture to the blueberry flavor without compromising the taste or much of the sweetness. In fact, this mixture actually helps to bring out more of the blueberry muffin flavor.

    Another otherworldly recommended mixture is with Mint Chocolate Chill. This truly brings out the creamy, minty, and sweet flavor in one shot. This is just one of many perfect combinations to help enhance and enrich the already wonderful flavor of the Blueberry Muffin Shisha.