Fumari Citrus Mint 100g

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    The Fumari Citrus Mint shisha is a delightful blend of orange, lemon, and mint flavors. The citrus flavors in this medley are more subdued, with the mint taking the dominant prevalence. Fumari burns well, so be cautious in how you load your bowl. As with the other brands, the resealable pouch keeps the freshness and flavor stable while the shisha is sealed inside.

    Mix Recommendations

    The Citrus Mint is a very versatile flavor mixer. It is a welcome addition in a fruit-flavored mixture with either the Fumari Cherry and a pinch of Raspberry, the combination of which will grant your mix a real sweet and tangy kick. Combining it with the Mint Chocolate Chill is another fine choice to get a blend of chocolate and orange that you will have a hard time forgetting.