Fumari Mimosa 100g

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    The Mimosa flavor of Fumari tobacco is heavy on the aroma of oranges and light on the champagne undertones. It has a smooth but mild orange citrus taste as its primary flavor, with the notable champagne aftertaste, just like the drink itself.

    The Mimosa shisha can be mixed in a few ways. For instance, some people don't particularly care for the champagne aftertaste. Try a flavor tweak by combining about 65% Mimosa with a 35% portion of Fumari Raspberry. This combination will all but eliminate the champagne aftertaste while giving the sweetening up the still solidly maintained Mimosa flavor.
    Another way to approach it is to sour the blend by adding a new element to the Mimosa while hiding the champagne remnants. For this method, try mixing in a 35% portion of Fumari Lemon Mint with 65% Mimosa. This blend will convert the exhale to a sour element experience, bringing out the natural citrus side of the Mimosa flavor.