Gardenika Pu-erh Tea, Loose Leaf, USDA Organic, Chinese Black, 55+ Cups – 4 Oz (113g)

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    • CERTIFIED ORGANIC BLACK TEA - USDA Organic products are farmed naturally without the use of any prohibited substances making the product better for consumers and the environment. Our loose-leaf tea is made from only the finest certified organic ingredients
    • NO ADDED ANYTHING - Our tea is made without added sugars, gluten, artificial sweeteners, natural or artificial flavors
    • NEW TEA EXPERIENCE - Rich, complex, and truly remarkable flavor and aroma palettes as a result of its fermentation process. This fermentation process helps make Pu-erh a truly unique member of the “true tea” family which includes green, black, white, and Oolong tea
    • HIGH CAFFEINE - Pu-erh tea offers to innervate caffeine. Along with caffeine that will give your day a much-needed lift, it also provides the L-theanine amino acid which helps to mitigate the negative effects of caffeine like jitteriness
    • FROM SMALL TEA FARMERS - Our Pu-erh is sourced from small farmers in Yunnan province, China. This region is known for its high-quality tea production and has been producing this tea for over 2000 years. We are proud to support these farmers and their families by providing them with a steady income while preserving the environment
    • INGREDIENTS - Organic Pu-erh tea
    • TASTE - Rich, fragrant flavor profile with a mellow finish