Hookah Starter Kit

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Take advantage of the best offer from our store and get a complete set with your high-end starter hookah and all the necessary accessories like hookah bowl, coal screen, coal burner, and tongs so that you get the best experience and performance. 

This set is complimented with a pack of 100 disposable mouth tips and a pack of 18 cubic coconut coals. 

The best price is guaranteed with this premium hookah starter kit!

✅ Included in this set

✅ Glass Base

✅ Hookah Bowl

✅ Screen for coals

✅ Diffuser

✅ Hose Handle

✅ Silicone Hose

✅ Hose Spring

✅ Tray

✅ Grommets for bowl and base

✅ Hookah tongs

✅ Coal Burner

✅ Pack of Coconut Coals

✅ Pack of Disposable Mouth Tips