HookahJohn Trimony Hookah Bowl

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    Color: Blue Stone
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    Unique and handmade in the USA, each HJ Trimony hookah bowl is a work of art. HJ Trimony Hookah Bowl is a different version of the HJ Harmony Bowl. It has the same diameter and form, and only the inner spire is sliced in three spots for more airflow. Also, Trimony bowls are more profound than the Harmony, allowing for more tobacco.

    Trimony is a wide and shallow hookah bowl, and it can hold up to 25-30g of tobacco, depending on your packing method. The bowl this 4" high, so it is easy to hold in hand and can be used with Kaloud Lotus (thanks to its 3" diameter).

    • Height: 4"
    • Diameter: 3"
    • Capacity 25g - 30g of tobacco
    • Handmade in the USA