Icon Hookah Swirl Hookah Bowl

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    Color: Yellow
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    Icon Hookah Swirl is a 3D printed clay hookah bowl. Clay 3D printing is done utilizing a specially designed 3D printer for ceramics. The Swirl bowls combine revolutionizing 3D printing technology, unique design, and a traditional Turkish style of hookah bowls. On the inside, these bowls have classic Turkish from with a flat bottom and six wholes in it.

    Materials used to make these bowls are German brown and black clay and glaze. A type of gloss used in the process of creating and glazing the material is non-toxic and lead-free. The firing temperature applied during manufacturing is 2192°F, which makes Icon Hookah Bowls stronger and denser than average bowls on the market. The coated top prevents the bowl from absorbing the juice and makes it hassle-free to clean.

    These hookah bowls are compatible with Kaloud Lotus and chimneys, and its big capacity allows the bowls to be used for larger companies and longer smoking sessions. Icon Hookah Swirl bowls are suitable for all types of shisha tobacco and provide top-notch smoking experience.


    • Weight - 7.8 oz
    • Height - 3.1 in
    • Diameter - 2.9 in
    • Inner diameter 2.4 in
    • Capacity - 14 gram (20 gram for dense packs)