Kaloud Lotus I+ Hookah Heat Management Device

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    The Kaloud Lotus Hookah Heat Management Device regulates heat transfer from charcoal to shisha. It reduces to ash, volatile gasses, and ultra-fine particles that pass from coals into your shisha, making your clouds smoother with a cleaner taste. Kaloud is an American brand that revolutionized the hookah industry in 2012 by inventing this device.

    Kaloud Lotus is made of high-quality aluminum, which has good heat conductivity. It is also very light and durable. With proper care, you can use it for many years without worrying about its quality deteriorating.

    The 3-inch diameter of the Lotus makes it fully compatible with most hookah bowls, as they are often made to this size.

    The noticeable updates of the Kaloud Lotus I+:

    • The Lotus Plus features a slightly taller cavity and thinner walls, and this means you can fit bigger coals in there, such as 3 cubes, with less hassle!
    • Raised platforms at the base plate help the coals to get even more airflow on the bottom and prevent coals from ever blacking out.
    • The lid sits on top easier and rotates smoothly without too much effort.
    • The new design features "reverse heat sink" fins at the base plate, allowing better heat transfer and longer-lasting coals. The airflow is distributed across the side vents, bottom vents, and openings of the lead.

    The Kaloud Lotus is a high-quality, durable product and has an innovative design to avoid the use of aluminum foil while also prolonging the life of your coals. If you prefer to use your hookah with re-usable components without foiling your bowl every time, Kaloud Lotus is a must-have!

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