Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill

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    Lovers of hookah and chocolate chip ice cream may have found the ultimate combination of mediums with Mint Chocolate Chill Shisha Tobacco which resembles the flavor of the ice cream as closely as one could ever hope to. The chocolate flavor is creamy and sweet, and most importantly not overpowering of the bowl. This blend of mint and chocolate is certainly a hard-to-rival success.

    Mix Recommendation

    The Mint Chocolate Chill is not just a great tasting hookah smoke, it also pairs perfectly with many fruit-flavored tobaccos, like the Orange Cream or the Al Fakher Strawberry Cream, creating an amazing compliment that adds a tinge of mint to bring out the fruit flavors.

    It also pairs exceptionally well with Fumari’s Blueberry Muffin shisha, evening out the mostly blueberry centric flavor with the ideal infusion of mint and chocolate. Try it out and leave us a review. We would love to know if you agree!

    Customer Reviews

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    Kyra Kats

    When I opened the bag, I couldn’t believe how much it smelled like mint chocolate chip ice cream! It tastes so delicious as well! It’s the perfect amount of mint flavor with a slight sweetness to it! The only drawbacj is I immediately wanted to go buy mint chocolate chip ice cream 😂 which I did… 😍 love this flavor!

    Desert Heaven on a Winter Night

    Typical Fumari strong and intenses flavour and after taste. Has a bite and buzz in a desert way.

    Sawankumar Relwani

    Good for those that love chocolate mint ice cream.

    Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill hookah tobacco

    The original aroma of chocolate mousse with a mint leaf. Not too refreshing as the dessert itself. Be sure to try! Mixing with something is difficult, if you find a nice combination - be sure to share it :wink: