Moze Personal Hookah Mouth Tip

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    Color: Gold Line - Blue
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    The Moze Personal Hookah Mouth Tips are perfect for smoking with friends or smoking in a bar. The Personal Hookah Mouth Tip guarantees you a hygienic smoking experience with strangers' mouthpieces, as it serves the purpose of a disposable hygienic mouthpiece.
    Each Moze Personal Hookah Mouth Tip is unique as it is never the same as another due to the epoxy resin and color gradients. The Personal Hookah Mouth Tips are washable and reusable. With a Moze Personal Hookah Mouth Tip, you are not only doing something good for yourself and your hygiene, but also for the environment, because the tips do not have to be thrown away after use.

    The advantages of Moze Personal Hookah Tips in a nutshell:

    • Easy to clean: The tips are made of washable silicone at the end and epoxy resin at the front. This makes the tips easy to clean with standard household cleaning agents.
    • Easy to use: Due to the integrated gradation inside the silicone and the good stretchability, the tips can be easily put on any conventional hookah mouthpiece and pulled off again without much effort.
    • Odor resistant: The tips hardly absorb odors and thus do not have to adulterate your smoking experience with previously smoked shisha tobacco.
    • High-quality design: The color coordination with the Wavy Sleeves and the high-quality surface make your setup complete.
    • Detachable lanyard: The timelessly designed lanyard can be easily removed with the attached clip.

    Diameter: 20 mm
    Height: 70 mm