Nube Unique Volt Hookah

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    Color: Green
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    The NUBE VOLT UNIQUE shisha pipe is made in Russia in chrome-plated AISI 321 stainless steel. The shisha pipe's stem and the mouthpiece are embellished with a magnificent exotic wood covering. A soft-touch silicone hose is also included with the shisha pipe.

    The NUBE UNIQUE hookah pipe is equipped with a revolutionary modular valve, which is a new purge control system controlled by a small metal regulator so you can purge the vase and cool down your bowl if it overheats without flooding it.

    Turn the arrow on the logo horizontally to purge just your vase or turn it vertically to purge your vase and cool down your bowl.
    Puff and admire the smoke billowing!

    The base is not included and is sold separately.