Serbetli Lemon Cake

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    Tobacco Serbetli (Sherbetli) is high-quality tobacco for a premium hookah from Turkey. It has a light taste, good smokiness. Presented by Serbetli wide flavor palette, and, it should be noted, hookah lovers note the most accurate transfer of some tastes, compared with analogs. All flavors smoke perfectly like in mixes (even with tobacco brands) and when driving one. A distinctive feature of Serbetli is a very good soaking, which guarantees long smoking of tobacco.

    Turkish hookah tobacco Serbetli Lemon Cake (Lemon Pie) - the pleasant sweetness of baking is perfectly combined with the freshness of citrus and a small kitten a link of lemon. Be sure to try !!!

    Our favorite mix: Sherbetli Lemon cake (70%) + Sherbetli Cactus (30%), a sweet and pleasant mix, there is an aftertaste on the exhale sour lemon.