Solomon Gold Hookah

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    Solomon Gold hookah was created in 2022. We tried to convey the aesthetics of classic oriental hookahs using modern materials. The shaft, flask, and mouthpiece are made using premium material - marble carbon. The inside of the shaft, mouthpiece, and base are made of stainless steel. The outer coating of the base, the metal tips of the mouthpiece, and the bowl connector are titanium nitride coated (gold-plated). The bulb is fastened to the base of the shaft with a threaded joint. Silicone hose in Nappa leather braid. Carbon mouthpiece decorated with woven wool cord. The removable stainless steel lapped saucer is coated with embossed and titanium nitride. Mine diameter: 11 mm. Classic draught.
    Making hookah has more than ten stages of handmade. Hookah is packed in a box made of kraft matte cardboard, inside - is a tray with a velvet black flock coating.

    Solomon Hookah is a premium Russian hookah pipe. There are only 15 pieces manufactured each month. 

    Included Accessories

    The stainless steel stem is 11 mm in diameter and decorated with marbled carbon fiber. 

    The base is entirely made of marbled carbon as well. It's super light (350 gr) and very durable compared to glass bases. 

    The carbon fiber handle (mouthpiece) is wrapped with black rope for decoration. The tip and hose port of the handle are made of stainless steel. The internal diameter of the mouthpiece is 10mm, and the length is 52cm. 

    The steel ashtray is decorated by chasing, a metalworking technique to form a unique engraved pattern. The diameter of the ashtray is 22 cm. 

    The silicone hose is wrapped with leather. The hose connector has got o-rings to snap the hose into the port, so there is no need to use grommets. The length of the hose is 1.5 meters. 

    The marbled carbon fiber used to build this pipe has metallic threading in it. This makes the material and the whole hookah exceptionally strong and durable. 

    The height of the hookah is 60 cm. The hookah is relatively lightweight as many parts of it are made of carbon fiber. 

    Solomon hookah is a modern take on age-old traditions.

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