Steamulation Pro X Prime (Gen. II) Hookah

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Color: Crystal
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The all-new Steamulation Pro X Prime Hookah is the most successful one-hose hookah ever! Now comes the successor in the second generation with unique functions and new features. The new Steamulation Pro X Prime Hookah is the next evolution in hookah technology, providing a better smoking experience than ever before. The new Steamulation Pro X Prime Hookah is equipped with a state-of-the-art heating system that provides optimum temperature control for perfect smoke delivery every time. The new Steamulation Pro X Prime Hookah also features a unique automatic Shut-Off valve that prevents over-smoking and ensures a perfect smoking experience every time. Order your new Steamulation Pro X Prime Hookah today and experience the next evolution in hookah smoking!


SteamClick 360

The Steamulation Pro X Prime is without a doubt the premium model with a hose connection, in the world of Steamulation. As well as all other Steamulation models of the Pro X series, also the Pro X Prime is equipped with the SteamClick 360 closing system. This progressive and comfortable closure system is the fastest hookah closure system in the world.

High-Flow System

The Steamulation Pro X Prime is manufactured with a new production process and now has an even stronger maximum draw (approx. + 25% compared to the previous model). At the same time, the adjustment range of the Steamulation Airflow Control is also increased.

AirFlow Control

With the Steamulation Airflow Control, the owner of the Pro X Prime can customize the draw between traditional and modern as desired. Compared to the previous model, the maximum draft has been increased and the hose connections have been adapted to drain moisture.

    Dip Tube Control

    As well as the large four-hose Shisha Steamulation Pro X, the Pro X Prime now also features the Dip Tube Control. With the new Dip Tube Control, users can determine the length of the dip tube themselves. They have a 9-step adjustment option at their disposal for this purpose. By shortening or lengthening, the draft, as well as the suit of the Pro X can be further individualized. Through this, smoking behavior can be personalized like in no other hookah. By Turning the dip tube, can be smoked both with and without the diffuser.

    X-Blow Off Compatibility

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