Tangiers Kashmir Cherry

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    Embark on a flavorful journey with Tangiers Kashmir Cherry Hookah Shisha Tobacco. Crafted with precision and skill that Tangiers is renowned for, this blend fuses the deep, floral undertones of Kashmir with the juicy sweetness of ripe cherries. Each puff envelops you in a fragrant cloud, reminiscent of ancient Kashmiri gardens where blossoming flowers dance with wild cherries.

    Rich in flavor and with an exquisite aroma, Kashmir Cherry stands as a testament to Tangiers' commitment to producing premium-quality tobacco. It offers a medium-to-strong buzz, ideal for both seasoned hookah enthusiasts and those eager to experience a unique blend. The cut is finely chopped, ensuring a smooth pack and even burn, making for prolonged sessions and dense smoke output.

    For the best experience, acclimate the tobacco to your environment for a few hours before use and pack it densely in your bowl. Pair with a cool beverage to enhance the nuances of the flavor and drift into a world of sensory delight.