Telamon Classic Glaze Hookah Bowl

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    Color: Blue
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    Telamon Classic Glaze hookah bowl is the usual classic model, only with an additional glazed coating in the tobacco area. This model looks more spectacular and conveys a brighter flavor experience.

    Product features:
    A combination of premium quality clay and handmade;
    universal seating for different hookahs;
    compatibility with light and heavy tobacco;
    durability, reliability, spectacular appearance
    execution of double high-temperature burning for protection against splinters.
    The approach to production does not change - a high-quality clay is used in the manufacture. Raw materials are prepared, processed, and fired by hand to obtain a good and durable product. The bowl can be used for years without worrying about syrup marks from tobacco. This model weighs up to 260 grams. It can be removed with bare hands due to the thick walls. The height of the product is 100 mm. Up to 25 grams of tobacco can be placed in the bowl at one time.

    Usually, Telamon Classic Glaze is found in black color. But there are other options - blue, blue, red, yellow and so on. The product is suitable for smoking in a small company.