Telamon Evil Screw Clay Hookah Bowl

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    Color: Yellow
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    Telamon Evil Screw Bowl Clay is a "killer" bowl with a clay place for laying tobacco, an unusual shape, and symmetrical large holes. This model is especially in demand among the fans of practical and original products. It is suitable for strong clogs.

    Product Features:

    The stem and saucer come in both black and pigmented.
    Manufactured in an unusual bolt shape.
    Thickened seating for removal from coals without tacking.
    A clever bolt shape with symmetrical holes ensures even heating.
    Consumption from 15 to 30 grams of tobacco for single smoking or using the hookah in a small company.
    Versatility: for beginners and professionals, use with or without a Kaloud, compatibility with different types of hookahs.

    The walls of this non-standard bowl are not covered by pungent traces of molasses. The product can be used for several years without losing its original properties and appearance.

    The bowl is characterized by resistance to high temperatures, mechanical damage. Suitable for easy preparation of aromatic and smoky hookah.