Telamon Evil Screw Glaze Hookah Bowl

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    Color: Yellow
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    Telamon Evil Screw Bowl Glaze hookah bowl is ideal for those who like everything practical and unusual. The model is distinguished by three features at once: a bowl in the shape of a bolt, large symmetrical holes, good capacity. All this makes it possible to use the Telamon Evil Screw Bowl Glaze for hard hammering. The glazed saucer is made in a variety of colors, so you can pick one to suit your tastes.

    Product Features:
    "killing bowl" that is suitable for strong and flavorful hammering;
    Production by double firing at high temperatures;
    consumption of tobacco - up to 25 grams, so the product is suitable for use in companies;
    Manufacture by hand at all stages, the use of quality clay;
    universal and thickened seating for years of use with different hookahs.
    For those who know how to score tobacco in the veneer, this product becomes a real find! The bowl is easy to clean and easy to use. It weighs up to 270 grams.

    The glazed coating is safe when heated, does not lose its appearance during use. Syrup from tobacco does not leak and does not remain on the walls.