Telamon Harmony Clay Hookah Bowl

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    Color: Blue
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    The Telamon Harmony Clay hookah bowl is a bowl model that is very similar to the Telamon Harmony Glaze. It, too, is handmade using the double firing method. It is used for the company of 2-5 smokers because the bowl holds from 13 to 25 grams of tobacco. However, the Telamon Harmony Glaze model features a clay-unglazed laydown area. No syrup is absorbed while the bowl is in use.

    Product features:
    Handmade from quality brown clay;
    Low weight - the weight of the product is 250-270 grams;
    resistance to high temperatures and wear and tear;
    seating is suitable for all possible hookahs;
    compatibility with different types of tobacco;
    preservation of the spectacular appearance over the years.

    The stem is made in black color. For the production of the saucer is used the usual black or pigmented clay is. The bowl looks both simple and spectacular at the same time.

    Thanks to its thick walls, the Telamon Harmony Glaze does not heat up or crack during use. You can pick it up with your hands without a tack. This is a very convenient option when using hookah.