Telamon Harmony Glaze Hookah Bowl

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    Color: Blue
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    The Telamon Harmony Glaze hookah bowl is not only durable but also spectacular. There are products with different colors and methods of glaze coating. You can choose the variant in your style. The coating of food glaze contributes to excellent flavor transfer. As always, tobacco syrup is not absorbed into the walls of the bowl.

    Product features:
    Production by hand at all stages, from preparation to firing;
    availability of universal seating for different types of hookahs;
    Accommodates up to 25 grams of tobacco, so suitable for 2-5 people;
    production from quality brown clay for long-lasting use
    Suitable for both light and strong tobacco, ideal in the hands of an experienced hobbyist or pro;

    The stem of the bowl comes not only in black, but also pigmented and glazed. The saucer is made in different colors - white, red, blue, green, blue, yellow. The shape of the bowl - Phunnel.

    The product is characterized by wear resistance, strength, and durability. Shisha syrup does not leak, does not absorb into the bowl. The glaze itself is safe when heated.