Traditional Glass Hookah Base

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    Color: Clear
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    The Glass Hookah Base epitomizes a blend of chic design and functionality, perfect for both seasoned aficionados and those new to hookah. Expertly sculpted from sturdy, transparent glass, it magnificently displays the water's ripples, heightening the ambiance of your smoking session. Beyond its aesthetic charm, the clear structure provides a straightforward way to gauge water levels and inspect cleanliness.

    Its solid base guarantees a sturdy stance, warding off unintended spills, and its polished exterior seamlessly aligns with other hookah accessories. The adaptable design meshes well with a variety of hookah stems, positioning it as a valuable addition to any assortment.

    Be it a calming gathering with friends or a solitary moment of reprieve, this Clear Glass Hookah Base offers both lasting durability and a modern touch that seamlessly fits into any setting. A harmonious melding of timeless tradition and contemporary elegance shines through in its design.

    Traditional glass hookah base. Height: 55cm, neck opening diameter: 4,5cm.