Vyro One Hookah

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    Color: Carbon Forged
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    The VYRO One is a small, portable hookah designed by AEON for the on-the-go. The V2A stainless steel and carbon fiber body make it durable enough to take with you anywhere without fear of breakage or rust. In addition, with its newly developed blowout system, it's now possible to have the smoke blown out below the water.

    VYRO's One has been designed to keep its balance. The center of gravity for this device falls at the bottom, so the hookah stands very stable.

    The hose connection and blowout valve are located at the hookah's bottom. This helps to prevent any kinks of the hose or knock overs when pulling the hose. VYRO One also comes with an integrated diffuser which helps make your smoking sessions more quiet and smooth.

    Package includes:

    - Sleeve made of acrylic glass or carbon (replaceable)

    - Stainless steel stem base

    - Stainless steel lid

    - Stainless steel downstem with integrated diffuser

    - Stainless steel smoke tube

    - Stainless steel blowout tube with blowout valve

    - Stainless steel bowl adapter

    - Stainless steel hose end piece with O-rings

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    Customer Reviews

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    leon douglas
    Great travel hookah

    Great hookah for traveling. I add an ashtray to make it so I don't need a cover. Smoke really well.

    Mark Pyrz
    Great Hookah (Warning)

    It's a great for small spaces and where you want a stable safe hookah. The base is SOLID and since all the internal parts are metal its heavy and stable. Clouds are big and rich and if you use silicone hoses you can even change the hose just using the adapter included. I would recommend, worth the price.

    Suggestion for future designs or accessories a hose adapter that bends 90 degrees so you can use the traditional hoses most already have.

    WARNING: Do not have near a heat source while lighting coals or put ice in the base. It's plastic and unfortunately I used ice (didn't even think about it, stupid decision) and its already showing stress fractures on the plastic.