VZ Copper Standard Hookah

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    This is the real copper steampunk star of the hookah world, with a height of 24.8 inches. Ideal for lovers of bright and unusual details in their house—and in their hookah. This hookah will surprise you with everything: from its appearance to the valve of the purge and the connector on the base. Don’t forget about proper care for the copper surface, and the VZ Copper will be your true friend for many years.

    The flagship of hookahs from VZ.


    Material: copper

    Height: 24.8 inches

    Weight: 18.8 lb

    Gasket connection to the base

    Made in Russia

    Comes with:

    • Stem
    • Tray
    • silicone hose
    • connector for hose
    • mouthpiece
    • grommets
    • removable diffuser
    • individual wood box
    • Base