VZ Minimal Hookah

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    VZ HOOKAH's shisha pipes are truly exceptional pieces. Handmade in Russia, these hookahs are special because they have a very unusual "SteamPunk" look about them.

    The VZ HOOKAH MINIMAL shisha pipe is made entirely from high-quality stainless steel, which makes it resistant to wear and tear and oxidation.
    The base of the VZ HOOKAH MINIMAL has a full grommet so you can empty all of the smoke out of the vase, and constantly change the smoke for a better flavor.
    Also, this base has no visible purge port. In fact, the purge port is directly incorporated into the base, which you'll recognize by the small holes all around it.

    Another unusual feature of this shisha is that the plunger has a unique diffuser. The small grommet at the end of the plunger goes up and down. For a smooth draw, the grommet should be placed in the upper position and for a more powerful draw, it should be placed in the lower position.

    The body of the VZ HOOKAH MINIMAL shisha pipe is attached to the vase via a seal. At 60 cm high, this 3kg shisha pipe is a true living room shisha pipe due to its very designer look.

    • Height: 24,8 inches

    • Material: stainless steel Comes with:

    • Tray

    • Silicone hose with connector

    • Mouthpiece

    • Grommets

    • Removable diffuser

    • Individual wood box

    • Base

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