VZ Steel Mini Hookah

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    The VZ HOOKAH STEEL MINI is a steel shisha pipe made in Russia. It may look retro but it is a perfectly practical hookah with a purging system which is astonishingly effective. In fact, you only need to half inhale into the hose to completely empty all the smoke in the vase due to a one-way valve.

    The VZ HOOKAH STEEL MINI is equipped with a silicone hose and a 180° rotating connector.

    All VZ designs have serial numbers engraved on one side of the tray.


    • Material: copper
    • Height: 19.7 inches
    • Weight: 6.6 lb
    • Gasket connection to the base
    • Made in Russia

    Comes with:

    • Stem
    • Tray
    • silicone hose
    • connector for hose
    • mouthpiece
    • grommets
    • removable diffuser
    • individual wood box
    • Base