YKAP Pro Steel Hookah

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    Y.K.A.P. is a Russian hookah manufacturer that has created premium quality products at an affordable price! All the parts are made with ultra-precise equipment. The company uses only the best materials for production, following all of today's innovative technologies to improve the smoking experience while still providing this top-notch product at a moderate cost!

    Y.K.A.P. Pro Steel is a modern pipe with a unique vertical purging system and appealing design. The hose connects to the stem with an O-ring connector, so you can quickly detach it if needed. The submersible part of the stem has got a removable screw-on diffuser.

    The entire stem, diffuser, ashtray, bowl cone, mouthpiece, and hose adaptor are made of AISI304 stainless steel, and therefore the hookah super long-lasting and completely rust-free.

    Package includes: Stem, glass base, mouthpiece, ashtray, silicone hose, hose adaptor, diffuser, grommets for bowl and base.

    Stem assembly height: 49,5 cm

    The inner diameter of the shaft: 1,3 cm

    Diameter of ashtray: 19,8 cm.

    This pipe can be used with most glass hookah bases that are at least 25 cm deep.