How to heat up coals for hookah

    There are two types of hookah coals, quicklights and natural coals. We prefer the natural coconut hookah coals because coals add no taste and last longer, while quicklights burn out fast and add a funky flavor to your smoke.

    Coconut coals can be lit by using a hot plate or single coil burner stove. Please do NOT use the flat top stoves as coals will leave burn marks on their surface!

      1. To light hookah charcoal, place them on the burner, then turn the heat on to the highest.How to heat up hookah coals
      2. Use your hookah tongs and flip the coals over as soon as you see that the coal is halfway lit (it will be orange).how to heat up hookah coal
      3. When you see that they are fully red-hot, you can turn the hot plate off to avoid overcooking the charcoals, which reduces their lifespan.How to heat up hookah charcoal

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