How much is a hookah bowl

    The hookah bowl prices vary depending on design, materials, and specific functionalities. Most of our bowls range from $9-$50. If it's just a silicone one, then prices will vary from $9-$12, depending on size and type.

    The cost of a clay hookah bowl can vary depending on the sort of clay and the type of the bowl itself. For example, some bowls are covered with glazing, which adds to their price tag a few dollars, but you get a long-serving product with a sexy design.

    Different manufacturers can decorate hookah bowls with various materials and styles to make them look appealing. If the bowl is made with crystal glass, stone, or exotic wood, it could cost you over $50, but be assured that it would be a true masterpiece of superior quality.

    We are happy to assist you in finding the perfect hookah bowl, so feel free to send us a message in chat! 

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