Clay hookah bowl with tobacco

    1. Remove the hookah flavor from the packaging. Grab a small dish and mix the shisha with a fork until it is nice and fluffy. Also, this spreads the tobacco juices and helps ensure even heat distribution when you smoke. 

    Hookah flavor in the bowl

    2. Take your clay hookah bowl. Gently grab around 15-20 grams of tobacco and position it in a mountain formation in the bowl.

    Hookah tobacco in the hookah bowl

    3. Take a toothpick and lightly press tobacco to even out all the shisha. You want to ensure that it's about two millimeters below the rim.

    Hookah flavor in a clay hookah bowl

    4. With a toothpick, poke down shisha directly in the center. Then, make a light swirling motion that forms a hole in the center of the tobacco through the bottom of the bowl. This will help with the airflow. Ideally, your shisha will have an even density throughout the bowl. If it is too dense, you'll get insufficient airflow, and your tobacco won't cook evenly.

    Shisha in the hookah bowl
    hookah flavors mixed into the bowl

    5. Take foil and pull it out about four to five inches, then rip it off, keeping the whole sheet intact. Next, fold that piece in half. This is known as the double-layer foil. It is important to keep the foil as clean and wrinkle-free as possible.

    6. Next, the foil has to be put over the bowl as tightly as possible. Make sure it's drum-tight. If the foil has any bends or rips, it will create a restriction on your bowl when you go to take a pull. From here, poke holes in the foil with the toothpick. You can poke holes 2-3 mm apart in a circular pattern all the way around until you reach the center.

    Foil wrapped around hookah bowl

    Your hookah bowl is now ready to be placed on the hookah. If you want to learn how to heat up coals for hookah check here