Best Hookahs In 2024

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    by Pano Claude - Updated Mar. 4, 2024 

    Best Hookah In 2022

    The Hookah market is flooded with different brands and types of products, all claiming to have the best quality. But how do you know which one really does? 

    Often, there isn't much information or detailed photos available; it can be hard for consumers to decide what's worth their money - especially when there are so many options!

    Fortunately, though (and this will make your decision easier), Guess Hookah has come up in helping solve just that problem: we did research on over a hundred hookahs available today - including their designs, durability, and value, and picked the best hookah pipes currently available on the market. 

    Knowing that everybody has their own taste and preferences, we classified hookahs into 11 major categories and picked the best one in each class.

     In this review article, you will find only the top hookah brands that exist today.

    Our list of best hookahs includes: 

    CategoryBrand NameModel
    Best Hookah In 2024Conceptic DesignSmart Carbon
    Best Cheap HookahIcon Stick
    Best Luxury HookahsWookahVarious
    Best 4 Hose HookahIconQuattro
    Best Hookah SetIconPomp
    Best Portable HookahVyroOne
    Best Pink HookahMozeBreeze Two Pro
    Best Black HookahVyro x MozeNoir
    Best Modern HookahConceptic DesignCarbon
    Best Travel Hookah AmotionRoam Mini
    Buy Hookah Now Pay Later Wish Sezzle

    Best Hookah In 2024

    best hookah in 2022 - conceptic design carbon

    Conceptic Design Smart Carbon 

    Conceptic Design's Smart Carbon Hookah is a mini-hookah with the AISI 304 stainless steel shaft, which measures 0.4 inches in diameter and features external decoration made from a 1-inch thick carbon fiber sleeve! This compact pipe stands 16 inches tall with its 4 pounds weight. 

    The portable hookah is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite flavor! This kit includes a tray, vase, mouthpiece, and silicone hose! You can also purchase a special bag from Conceptic Design to store your hookah when not in use.

    Best Cheap Hookah

    cheap hookah - icon stick hookah set

    Icon Stick SALE

    The Icon Stick is a stainless steel hookah with everything you need to get started. It comes complete, including the clay bowl, heat management device, glass base, silicone hose, hose handle, and tongs. The whole set weighs less than six pounds (3kg), making it perfect when traveling or if there is not much space in one's home. 

    The hookah is one of the best in its price range. It's made of stainless steel, so you won't have to worry about rusting parts. Plus, the hookah is not painted (we all know paint gets chipped from those painted hookahs). You can make a custom setup if you want a more advanced bowl, tongs, heat management, or hose handle

    Best Luxury Hookahs

    luxury hookah - wookah


    Wookah is a luxury hookah brand that began in Poland. This company's beginning dates back to 2015, when they were granted the "Product of The Year" award at the ShishaMesse hookah fair for their premium pipes.

    Wookah has a process for making their hookahs that is entirely conducted in Poland. The company uses several types of exotic wood, including oak and walnut (among others), giving each pipe its unique design! 

    Apart from these rare woods, crystal glass, stainless steel, and natural leather are used throughout the construction of the hookahs, creating something very special and luxurious. 

    Best 4 Hose Hookah

    icon quattro hookah.png__PID:fb3676f6-fcc8-4462-b905-75d7a605fb1a

    Icon Quattro

    The Icon Quattro introduces a compact and comprehensive hookah experience, featuring a 4-hose capability for shared sessions.

    Included in the package are a durable glass base, a flexible silicone hose, four hose ports, a single hose handle, and a hose spring, ensuring you have nearly all essentials ready for immediate use. 

    This hookah stands at a height of 41 cm, with the entire set, accessories included, tipping the scales at 6.6 lb (3kg).

    Craftsmanship is evident in its construction, with the stem, tray, bowl cone, and hose handle all forged from AISI304 stainless steel, known for its durability and corrosion resistance. This choice of material guarantees longevity and a premium smoking experience.

    Best Hookah Set

    Icon Pomp Hookah Set

    Icon Pomp SALE

    If you're looking for a hookah set that's sure to turn heads, look no further than the Icon Pomp Hookah Set. This hookah will make a statement with its intricate design and stunning color options. 

    But it's not just all looks - the Icon Pomp also features high-quality construction, with a durable glass base and stainless steel stem. In addition, the set comes complete with everything you need to get started, including a hose, mouthpiece, coal screen, bowl, and tongs. 

    So whether you're a hookah aficionado or just getting started, the Icon Pomp Hookah Set is a perfect choice.

    Best Portable Hookah

    best portable hookah Vyro One

    Vyro One

    Some hookahs are designed for use at home, while others are portable for easy travel. The Vyro One hookah is one of the latter, and it's a hookah that's sure to turn heads. 

    This hookah is made from carbon fiber and stainless steel, designed in Germany. As a result, it's both incredibly durable and stylish. The Vyro One hookah is also very easy to set up and take apart, making it perfect for traveling. 

    Whether you're going on a trip, this hookah is easy to pack and take with you. And when you're ready to smoke, the Vyro One hookah provides an enjoyable experience that's sure to please.

    Best Pink Hookah

    pink hookah - Moze Breeze Two

    Moze Breeze Pro

    The Moze Breeze Pro is a beautifully designed German hookah that comes in many colors. The pink option is extremely popular among ladies because of its elegant color. 

    This hookah is a state-of-the-art smoking device with durable stainless steel construction. The purging system allows you to clear the smoke from the base in 3 ways: upwards, downwards (from under the tray), and below the bowl. 

    It is a great hookah for beginners and experienced smokers alike. 

    Best Black Hookah

    black hookah - vyro x moze

    Vyro x Moze Noir

    Vyro and Moze have come together to create the Vyro x Moze Noir all-black hookah. This black hookah results from their collaboration, which is sure to turn heads. 

    The Vyro x Moze Noir hookah features a sleek design with a matte finish. The stem is made of stainless steel and decorated with a black carbon fiber. 

    This hookah is sure to provide a smooth smoking experience. 

    Best Modern Hookah

    modern hookah -  conceptic design carbon

    Conceptic Design Carbon

    Conceptic Design hookahs are some of the most popular modern hookahs in the USA. These shisha pipes feature a unique, sleek design that is perfect for any hookah smoker. 

    Conceptic Design hookahs are made with superior quality materials and construction and come in various colors to suit any taste. 

    Conceptic Design Carbon is a modern hookah with an AISI304 stainless steel stem for ultimate durability, decorated with a carbon fiber sleeve, giving the hookah a sleek appearance. 

    This hookah is 27 inches tall and has a Drop-style glass base included in the set. You can use any other glass of your choice with this pipe. 

    Best Travel Hookah


    Amotion Roam Mini

    The Amotion Roam hookah is your ideal companion for embracing the perfect hookah experience, whether you're soaking up the sun at the beach, enjoying a picnic in the park, or relaxing amidst the tranquility of a camping site

    Designed for the adventurer at heart, the Roam is built to withstand the challenges of the outdoors, offering resilience against dirt and the elements. Its sleek design isn't just about looks; the soft-touch exterior not only enhances its visual appeal but also simplifies maintenance, allowing for easy cleaning and resistance to grime.